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If you want to explore the top speed of yourself and your machine in the safest possible way without risking your licence or even jail......join us!
The association of the fastest motorcycle riders in the country, genuine record holders.

This is the place to see your true speed measured by certified timing equipment not your mates tales of 150mph down the bypass or worse, which is almost certainly untrue due to the inaccuracy of most speedos at those sort of speeds and the inevitable B/S factor

Learn to handle three figure speeds safely.
Race on some of the best and longest runways in the UK.
See the fastest riders in the country close up and at maximum speed.
Full technical and medical back up on site.
Certificated record of your personal top speed.

We are planning on holding four events in 2011 the first and second of which will be at Honington.

We expect these  events to be popular so early entry is advised because places are limited and its strictly first come first served.

All members will receive an exclusive riding number which will remain yours while you continue to be a member and will be used to identify you and your results on the members database.This identification number will comprise two or three letters and two or three numbers.The letters identify you the rider and the numbers identify your machine.
If you wish to ride another machine entered by another rider you must substitute a revised number using your identification letters with the identification numbers of the machine you wish to ride,subject to clearance by the Clerk of the Course on the day in all cases.
If you fail to observe this procedure you will not obtain a speed for your runs on another machine and could be prevented from riding again on the day by the Clerk of the Course.

There will be classes for all sizes of motorcycle and as this site develops you will find all the information necessary to enter together with the level of protective clothing and how to find the venues and most important a database of the speeds obtained at our events.
Why Join ?
Over the last ten years or so a network of people have supported events around the country interested in finding out just how quick their motorcycles were.
Prior to this we have a long and famous history of landspeed racing in the UK but for many reasons interest in top speed events has been in decline for some time and we are in danger of losing the chance to ride in this type of event because of the lack of support for various reasons.
The riders are scattered around the country and communicate via various websites, meetings, shops etc.but lack any central collective identity and are therefore fragmented and not in a position to have any say in the running or cancellation of events, to sum up we have no voice.
By supporting our club you help to ensure a future for this type of event.
Our Aims.
Some of our aims in forming this association are to secure the viability of events in the future and bring Land Speed Racing back into the place it deserves in the motorsports culture of this country.
The reason we have a lifetime membership fee is to guarantee that we have the funds available to pay for an event if you the member having pre booked fail to turn up on the day,we still need to pay for your place even if you dont turn up.
Initially we will be dealing solely with motorcycles but if interested parties with three or four wheel vehicles wish to get involved we see no reason why not to extend our horizons in the future.

We aim to be the organisation that people approach when they want to know about speed and become the voice that landspeed racing needs to progress.
We intend to promote our own event to be known as the Suffolk Mile.
We intend to hold several events during the year where we will collect all necessary data to provide a results system that can be compared with similar results around the world.
The results from these events will be used to complete a results database for the membership so they can measure their progress as accurately as possible.
The database of these results will enable us to create a list of the fastest riders in the UK and we will endeavour to have this list published in the national press.
We will provide a starting point for new riders who wish to take part in our events and provide guidance as requested.
While at all times safety of anybody attending an event is of utmost importance competitors will be engaged in a form of motorsport which is dangerous so we cannot be held responsible for any incidents or accidents arising from the competitors membership of our organisation.

You can follow our progress on Facebook here.